Biotics Research Webinars

Wellness Works Webinars are FREE one-hour presentations featuring up-to-date topics of interest by a variety of knowledgeable healthcare professionals.

Dr Bob's Trans Fat Survival Guide- What Every Practitioner Needs to Know

Pain and Inflammation- A Cutting Edge Approach

How to Effectively Interpret a Dietary Supplement Label

Implementing the Control-IT Weight Management Program

The Zyto Balance- Biocommunication for Increased Results

Cardiovascular Disease Part II- A Natural Approach to America's Leading Cause of Death

Cardiovascular Disease- A Natural Approach to America's Leading Cause of Death

Osteoporosis- More than just a calcium problem

Management of Acute and Chronic Pain and Inflammation

A Drugless Guide to Stop ADHD in 18 Days- A Trans Fat Survival Guide

A Drugless Guide to Healthy Living- Balancing Female Hormones

2011 End of Year Review- Dr. Vasquez's Favorite Research Articles and Clinical Applications of Biotics Research Products