It’s not just part of our name, it’s part of our corporate fabric! Our research has led to the development of improved delivery methods, such as a sophisticated emulsification process for enhanced assimilation and utilization of oily nutrients, the introduction of Coenzyme Q10 to the North American healthcare market, the creation of our biologically active vegetable cultures to provide whole food, gluten free, non-yeast sources of important trace minerals and antioxidant enzymes, as well as neonatal glandular tissues in order to produce specific organ-supportive products.

At Biotics Research, we combine the lessons that nature teaches with the very best of cutting-edge science in order to develop supplements that are bio-available, reliable and safe. This is done by passionately searching for holistic interventions and the highest quality raw material ingredients around the world. We often develop are own ingredients using raw, organic materials, including our own biologically active vegetable cultures.