Regional Distributors

Distributor Name Contact Number About Distributor Web Site
Biotics Research Canada



1-905-476-5227 Fax

Biotics Research Canada is the distributor for all Canadian provinces and territories.
Biotics Research Corporation

1-281-344-0725 Fax

Biotics Research Corporation is the distributor for AR, CA (northern), CT, IA, KS, LA, MA, ME, MO, MS, NE, NH, NJ, NY, OK, RI, TX and VT.
Biotics Research Mid-Atlantic

1-800-524-5183 1-304-298-3656 1-304-298-3941 Fax

Biotics Research Mid-Atlantic is the distributor for DC, DE, MD, PA, VA and WV.
Biotics Research Northwest

1-800-636-6913 1-360-438-3600 1-800-863-9613 Fax

Biotics Research Northwest is the distributor for AK, HI, ID, MT, OR, WA and WY.
Biotics Research Southeast

1-321-951-9463 1-800-874-7318 1-321-951-0298 Fax

Biotics Research Southeast is the distributor for AL, FL, GA, NC and SC.
Biotics Research West


Biotics Research distributor for the southern California region.
Metabolic Management

1-800-373-1373 1-815-466-0906 Fax

Metabolic Management is the distributor for IL, MN, ND, SD and WI.
Viotron International

1-800-437-1298 1-616-676-3380 1-616-676-3447 Fax

Viotron International is the distributor for IN, KY, MI, OH and TN.