Introducing GI-Resolve™...a new gut health support product from Biotics Research!

Resolve the Gut, Restore the Body...Introducing GI-Resolve

At Biotics Research, we understand the delicate nature of the gut and the importance of "eating clean" to foster gut healing. Therefore, in formulating GI-Resolve, we carefully selected premium quality ingredients shown to restore the gastrointestinal tract without adding unnecessary ingredients such as flavors, colors, sweeteners or gums that could aggravate the gut.

A clean and great-tasting powder, GI-Resolve simply contains the clinically relevant nutrients and botanicals, L-Glutamine, Zinc Carnosine, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, MSM, Aloe vera Leaf, Okra and DGL.

• Promotes optimal function of the GI lining
• Rejuvenates health of intestinal mucosa
• Supports healthy inflammatory response
• Builds immune support
• No added flavors, colors, sweeteners or gums
• Does not contain shellfish

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