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This seminar is designed to teach healthcare professionals about the “bigger picture” of hormones and health. Hormones signal and rule the entire digestive tract, brain, kidneys, vocal chords, lungs, biome integrity, gut wall integrity, autoimmunity, and are even critical in resistant weight issues. Hormone health and balance cannot be completely understood by testing blood, saliva, and urine levels. This is because (1) hormones depend on “receptor functionality”, which depends on food choices, digestion, specific nutrients, lifestyle, and evidence-based nutritional supplements, and (2) the reality of endocrinology vs. intracrinology.

• Identification of hormonal signaling, receptor functionality and diverse receptors and functions such as estrogen receptor alpha vs. estrogen receptor beta 
• Identification of specific nutrients that shorten or lengthen hormone signaling time
• Identification of intestinal hyperpermeability and the role of hormones and the biome as an endocrine organ and part of the hormonal system
• Identification of hormone imbalances
• What is endocrine disruption, what is it doing to our hormones, children, brain, obesity epidemic, and how to protect our patients
• Advanced hormone testing, comparison of various interventions, learn the bigger picture of hormones that identifies “hyper-excreters”
• Evidence-based nutritional protocols

• Which nutrients increase or decrease estrogen-signaling time
• The good and bad estrogen dominance
• Which nutrient is essential to add shape to any hormone nestling into any receptor to deliver its signal to a gene
• How to use foods and herbs to balance hormones
• Endocrine disrupting chemicals - how they affect pregnancy, hormones, reproductive milestones, and are at the core of resistant obesit
• Obesogens and transgenerational effect 

Event Speaker: 

Lyndsey Berkson, MA, DC , CNS, DACBN

Dr. Berkson has been in practice for four decades, with an emphasis on hormones, nutrition, digestion, and environmental science. Dr. Berkson is considered one of the thought leaders of functional medicine and was a hormone scholar at Tulane University, The Center for Bioenvironmental Research. Dr. Berkson is a professor to MDs and pharmacists at A4M and PCCA - higher board certification courses to become functional practitioners.

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Saturday, April 4, 2020 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
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Biotics Research Corporation


Double Tree Bradley International Airport
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