Biotics Research is pleased to announce a new product, ScentArest™!

Compounds that trigger chemical intolerance and sensitivities include sulfites, phenolic compounds (tannins), mold or yeasts (aldehydes), prostaglandins, histamines, tyramines and congeners (chemical residues from fermentation. Metabolism of these compounds takes place in the liver. Nutrigenomics related to genetic polymorphisms of methylation and detoxification dramatically influence liver metabolism of these compounds. ScentArest™ supplies key nutrients shown to up-regulate clearance.

Conceptualized and clinically evaluated by Dr. Mark Force, ScentArest™ provides nutrients the body needs to meet the onslaught of compounds that may trigger chemical intolerance and sensitivities, and offers nutritional support for healthy, functioning detoxification pathways, mitochondrial function, and methylation processes.

ScentArest™ – another example of Biotics Research Corporation bringing you “The Best of Science and Nature”.


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