Biotics Research announces UT Complex™!

A New Product to support Urinary Tract Health

Using unique botanicals from Traditional Chinese Medicine known to support urinary tract (UT) health, UT Complex™ was formulated and tested in a clinical setting, where its ability to successfully support this critical body system was evaluated.

Biotics Research Corporation has partnered with Dr. Gary Lasneski, DC, MS, LDN, a world-renowned health care professional who specializes in using herbal remedies in his clinical practice, to develop and clinically evaluate a product to safely and effectively support the UT system. As a result, Biotics Research is proud to offer UT Complex™, exclusively available through healthcare professionals.

UT Complex™ - targeted, effective support for healthy urinary tract function!

UT Complex™
Product Code: #7880
Suggested Retail Price: $22.50
90 Capsules

Serving Size: 3 Capsules


Biotics Research is also pleased to announce their new products
Niacin 100™ and Organic Virgin Sesame Seed Oil


Niacin 100™
Product Code: #1136
Suggested Retail Price $15.00
150 Capsules

To provide the market with a high quality Niacin product that is at a dose low enough to allow titration in the body, Biotics Research is launching Niacin 100, a 100 mg capsule that can be dosed according to your needs. This product may be used in conjunction with other cardiovascular support products according to need.

Niacin, also referred to as Vitamin B3 or Nicotinic acid, is recognized as a cardio-protective agent, primarily due to its action in inhibiting triglyceride hydrolysis, resulting in both an increased HDL and a lowered triglyceride level. In addition to these actions, it has also been confirmed to hinder vascular inflammation, via its action on decreasing endothelial reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, and succeeding LDL oxidation, as well as to decrease the production of inflammatory cytokines.

Organic Virgin Sesame Seed Oil
Product Code: #1422
Suggested Retail Price: $17.00
4 Ounces

Biotics Research is proud to launch the highest quality organic, virgin sesame seed oil available to heath care professionals. This oil contains high levels of oleic, linoleic, and linolenic oils, all of which have valuable functions in the body. Available in a liquid form, Organic Virgin Sesame Seed Oil from Biotics Research is easy to dose and tastes great.
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