Biotics Research announces Bio-K Forte Caps®!

Biotics Research is pleased to announce a comprehensive vitamin K formula, Bio-K Forte Caps®. Bio-K Forte Caps® blends two forms of Vitamin K. K1, known as phylloquinone, and K2, known as menaquionone, target different tissues in the body, ultimately contributing to cardiovascular benefits including aiding in the prevention of vascular calcification, a major complication in cardiovascular disease. The current daily reference intake for vitamin K may be undervalued with recent research showing that it may be too low to meet daily physiological needs. In addition, approximately 60-70% of the daily dietary intake is lost via excretion. Therefore, the need for a continuous dietary supply is pertinent to maintain adequate tissue reserves of this nutrient. Bio-K Forte Caps® supply 688% of the daily value of vitamin K as both K1 and K2 in a natural whole food base.

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