Biotics Research Announces Berberine HCl!


Biotics Research is pleased to announce a new product, Berberine HCl. Each capsule supplies 500 mg of Berberine Hydrochloride and there are 90 capsules per bottle.


Berberine is a bitter-tasting alkaloid present in the roots, rhizomes and stem barks of select plants including Barberry (Berberis vulgaris).1 Berberine has a long history of use in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, primarily to support gastro-intestinal function. Berberine has demonstrated significant antimicrobial activity against a wide variety of organisms including a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeasts, fungus and parasites. Its mechanism of action is thought to result in part from its characteristic structure, which is that of a planar catonic molecule. This structural arrangement enables it to intercalate the DNA structure, similar in fashion the mechanism of ethidium bromide.2

In addition, Berberine has been shown to be supportive of healthy blood sugar levels, and has been reported to decrease HbA1c, fasting blood glucose, and postprandial blood glucose.3 The mode of action is believed to result from its ability to modulate key molecules in the insulin signaling pathway, leading to increased glucose uptake in insulin-resistant cells.4

Berberine has also been shown to be supportive of normal blood lipid levels, with the apparent mode of action being described as an increase in the production of a receptor protein in the liver which binds LDL-cholesterol, preparing it for elimination.5

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Cautions: Berberine HCl is not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women, or those suffering from congestive heart failure.

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